Cat. Adjuster Scheduling Specialists



A disaster happens. You get the call to be deployed. There are so many things that has to be done before you leave. Then the claims start to come in, and you have 24 hours to contact the homeowners. But you still have to pack and, book a hotel, get to your destination. How will you find time to contact all of those homeowners?

That is where we come in C.A.S.S. Cat. Adjuster Scheduling Specialists. We understand that communication is the key when dealing with homeowners who have had a disaster. The insurance companies are overwhelmed with calls. The homeowners want to make sure they can speak to someone who will not identify them by their policy number We put a personal touch on a difficult situation. We will give them a phone number with a live person to speak with, and if we can't answer at that moment, we will call them back as soon as possible.

When you call us, and forward us your claims, we will put the them on a spreadsheet, and notify the homeowners within 24 hours, and make them aware that you have the claim and we will be calling back shortly to schedule. Then we will map out the claims, set up the schedules, and have them ready for your approval. As you are getting settled in, we will have your schedule ready to go when you are. We like telling adjusters  "Where to go!"